The Daily Weather Update from FOX Weather: 3 areas to watch for potential tropical development in the Atlantic

Start your day with the latest weather news – The FOX Forecast Center is tracking multiple disturbances in the Atlantic while some of the wildfires that tore through Hawaii last week are still burning.

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Hurricane HQ: Atlantic activity picks up while Pacific rages

There’s a lot happening in the tropics this week. 

After a lull in the Atlantic, there are a few areas to watch. They have low chances of development at this point. The peak of hurricane season is approaching, so an increase in activity is to be expected.

The tropical weather outlook for the Atlantic Ocean.
(FOX Weather)


There are several systems in the Pacific that are being tracked, including Tropical Storm Greg and Hurricane Fernanda. Hilary could form any day now and could cause problems in California next week.

The tropical weather outlook for the Pacific Ocean.
(FOX Weather)


Rain coming to Hawaii will do little to help fire fight

The death toll from the Hawaii wildfires has risen to 106 as efforts to extinguish the blazes continue. There is rain in the forecast for the islands this week, but it’s expected to fall on the opposite sides of the islands from where the wildfires are burning. About 80% of the Hawaiian Islands are in drought, with the island of Maui seeing the worst of the dry weather.

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Dual heat waves: Pacific Northwest, South bake in triple-digit heat

While much of the heat this summer has been concentrated in the southern U.S., another heat wave has developed in the Pacific Northwest. It’s especially dangerous since many homes there aren’t equipped to deal with triple-digit heat. For the South, where A/C is much more common, the triple-digit heat has shifted a bit. Heat alerts extend from southern Texas to the Carolinas.

The forecast highs for the Pacific Northwest.
(FOX Weather)


Severe storms likely in Upper Midwest

Powerful thunderstorms with damaging wind and large hail are likely in parts of the Upper Midwest. The worst storms are expected in an area that covers Minnesota, Wisconsin and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. This area includes cities such as Minneapolis and Duluth in Minnesota.

The severe weather outlook for the U.S.
(FOX Weather)


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