The Daily Weather Update from FOX Weather: Hurricane Lee eyes New England impacts

Start your day with the latest weather news – As Hurricane Lee begins to make its way north, some U.S. cities are now included in the major storm's forecast cone.

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Hurricane HQ: US cities included in Hurricane Lee forecast cone; forecasters monitor other disturbances

As Hurricane Lee begins its northward turn, forecasters say the major storm could arrive in New England by the weekend.

Hurricane Lee's forecast cone now indicates a possible landfall in western Nova Scotia as a strong post-tropical system over the weekend, but the forecast cone of uncertainty still includes the entire coast of Maine and the islands of Massachusetts as possible storm tracks. While the storm is still days out, a lot of fluctuation in the storm's strength can continue to happen by then. 

One thing remains certain: Hurricane Lee is a large storm and will continue to expand as it moves north, with its effects felt miles from the hurricane's center. 

"Wind and rainfall hazards will likely extend well away from the center as Lee grows in size," the National Hurricane Center said. 

The forecast track for Hurricane Lee.
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The NHC is also tracking Hurricane Margot and two other areas for possible tropical development. 

Hurricane Margot remains over the central Atlantic and is not expected to come in contact with any land. 

Two other areas in the Atlantic, Invests 97L and 98L, have nearly collided are still being monitored for potential development, with a 70% chance the combined storm develops into at least a tropical depression. 

Areas to watch in the Atlantic.
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Torrential rains trigger flash flood emergency in Massachusetts

Evacuations are under way in a Massachusetts town Tuesday that was blasted by torrential rains and flash flooding Monday evening as now officials worry a nearby dam may have potential issues.

Officials said that intense rainfall from thunderstorms brought 5-8 inches of rain in just a few hours and led to roadways being washed out and floodwaters entering homes and businesses in Leominster.

Major storms cause wide storm floods Libya where thousands are feared dead

Flooding rains from Mediterranean Storm Daniel have swept across eastern Libya, killing hundreds and the death toll is estimated to rise.

The deadly severe weather system brought historic rain across the Mediterranean and North Africa over the past week. The same storm brought "biblical proportions" of rainfall to Greece last week, claiming at least 14 lives across Greece, Turkey and Bulgaria. 

Time to order those PSLs

Showers and storms will continue across multiple regions of the country Tuesday, providing heat relief to millions across the U.S. 

The cold front triggering those storms will continue to make its way across the country, even traveling to the South, providing relief for Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana and more.

Millions of Americans will finally feel below-average temperatures this week.
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