The Daily Weather Update from FOX Weather: Winter storm rages as severe threat wanes

Start your day with the latest weather news – After days of threatening thunderstorms have come to an end, attention turns to a winter storm that is blanketing parts of the Northeast in snow and ice.

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Tornadoes spotted across South on Thursday

While the severe weather threat has now ended, storms left a trail of damage across parts of the South on Thursday as a cold front plowed through the region. At least one tornado has already been confirmed in north-central Arkansas, where the National Weather Service assigned an early-morning twister an EF-2 rating on the Enhanced Fujita Scale. At least three other reports of tornadoes were received by NWS offices in Mississippi, where damage to mobile homes, awnings, trees and power lines was reported in several communities across the state.

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Winter storm dumps snow, ice in Northeast

A winter storm dumped snow on the Midwest and Great Lakes on Thursday and covered places such as Milwaukee with several inches of powder. That storm now heads to the Northeast, where both ice and snow are possible before the storm moves east of the region this weekend.

Ice outlook for Feb. 17, 2023.
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Solar storm could affect radio, GPS signals

An explosion of energy and plasma on the sun that was detected Wednesday is the driving force behind warnings of a geomagnetic storm that could create problems with radio and GPS signals here on Earth. The solar storm could make the Northern Lights visible farther south than usual, such as in Michigan and Maine.

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