Winter storm sets eyes on Northeast after clobbering Midwest with snow

The winter storm that brought joy in the form of a snow day for so many Midwestern kids is clearing our and heading for New York and New England.

Heavy snow is finally departing the Midwest, and the storm system will move into the Northeast on Friday. 

Many kids in the Midwest had a snow day Thursday, and many parents had to navigate slippery roads.

The FOX Forecast Center says parts of Michigan, Wisconsin and Illinois could still see a couple more inches into the morning, with Saginaw, Michigan, expecting another 3 to 5.

Snow amounts through Friday.
(FOX Weather)



New York and New England next

On Friday, the system will continue to make its way to northern New York and New England.

Winter Weather Warnings and Advisories have been issued as heavy snow is expected through Friday. 

Winter weather alerts.
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The FOX Weather Center says that ice is a concern as freezing rain could create accretion on roads and elevated surfaces. 

Roadways will glaze over, making driving difficult, and any accretion on trees limbs and power lines could lead to power outages. 

Icing likely.
(FOX Weather)