The Daily Weather Update from FOX Weather: Strong tornadoes possible in central US

Start your day with the latest weather news – The threat of tornadoes is increasing today for millions in the Great Plains as parts of the Deep South also face a risk of severe weather.

Welcome to the Daily Weather Update from FOX Weather. It’s Thursday, May 11, 2023, and also National Twilight Zone Day. Start your day the right way with everything you need to know about today's weather. You can also get a quick briefing of national, regional and local weather whenever you like with the FOX Weather Update podcast.

Strong tornadoes, large hail possible in central US

Dangerous storms are expected to develop in the Great Plains on Thursday, bringing with them the chance of significant tornadoes and very large hail. The highest likelihood of this type of weather is concentrated in Kansas and Oklahoma, but severe weather is possible from South Dakota to Texas. People living in this area should stay weather aware today and have multiple ways to get weather alerts.

A secondary area of severe weather concern is located in the Deep South in a swath that stretches from Louisiana eastward to Florida. Damaging wind and hail are the primary threats with storms that develop in this area.

The severe weather outlook for May 11, 2023.
(FOX Weather)


Things to know

Flooding rain possible in several parts of US

Days of heavy rain in coastal Texas have resulted in some reports of minor flooding. Now, attention is turning to parts of the Deep South and the Great Plains, where storms could dump several inches of rain Thursday. The risk of flooding will continue to be part of the country’s weather story through the weekend.

The excessive rainfall outlook through May 13, 2023.
(FOX Weather)


Powerful sun storm could bring northern lights farther south

A geomagnetic storm hitting the Earth this week could cause the aurora borealis to be seen a bit farther south than usual. A G3-level storm (out of 5 levels) is forecast Thursday, which could cause the northern lights to be seen as far south as Iowa, New York and Wyoming.

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