Robot finds 5-foot-long alligator sneaking through Florida stormwater pipe

The reptile was discovered on Friday, when a robot deployed by a stormwater crew was investigating underground pipes.

ORLANDO, Fla. – A 5-foot-long alligator was discovered by a robot Friday that was deployed to investigate a stormwater pipe in Florida.

A crew in the town of Oviedo was using the camera-equipped robot to check for any problems in a pipe that travels under a roadway. Rather than find leaks or cracks in the pipe, the robot discovered the large gator.

The video begins with the reptile calmly sitting in standing water when it was discovered. As the robot drew nearer, the reptile began to walk backward and even show its teeth.


Eventually, it turned around and walked away, looking back at the robot every so often before it meandered down the pipe and disappeared.

"Just another reason not to go wandering down into the Stormwater pipes!" said officials at the city of Oviedo. "Thank goodness our crews have a robot."

According to the city's website, there are about 75 miles of storm pipes that traverse the town.