The Daily Weather Update from FOX Weather: Severe storms, flooding possible in South

Start your day with the latest weather news – Severe storms will bring more rain to parts of the South this week that have already seen plenty of it in recent weeks. On the cold side of the storm, snow will fly.

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South faces risk of severe weather, flooding

A storm moving across the country the rest of this week is bringing with it the risk of severe weather and flooding rain in parts of the South that have already seen too much of both in recent weeks. The highest risk for severe weather is centered in southern Oklahoma and northeastern Texas, including the Dallas-Fort Worth and Texarkana areas. The highest risk of flooding is concentrated in the Ark-La-Tex region.

The severe weather outlook for March 16, 2023.
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Things to know

Snow flies across Rockies before heading to Midwest

On the cold side of the storm, a swath of snow is expected to develop Thursday from central and northeastern Nebraska all the way through northwestern Iowa, Minnesota and northwestern Wisconsin. By Thursday night, snow is expected to continue in eastern Minnesota, including Minneapolis-St. Paul and Duluth, as well as northern Wisconsin and Michigan's Upper Peninsula.

The highest snowfall totals are expected in eastern Minnesota, including the Twin Cities metro area and eastward. Minneapolis, which is currently experiencing its eighth-snowiest winter on record, will only add to those totals. The region is expected to see 3 to 5 inches of snow by Friday morning.

The snowfall forecast for March 16, 2023.
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Today’s tidbit

Isobars are lines that connect points of equal barometric pressure on a weather map. Isotherms connect areas of equal temperature. Isohyets connect points of equal rainfall.

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