The Daily Weather Update from FOX Weather: Another day of terrible air quality expected in eastern US

Start your day with the latest weather news – Smoke from wildfires burning in Canada is once again forecast to smother parts of the country after eerie orange skies were seen over New York City yesterday.

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Eastern US faces another day of unhealthy air quality

The wildfires scorching parts of Canada continue to burn, and smoke from the blazes continues moving south into the U.S. New York City saw the worst air quality in the city’s history Wednesday when readings reached hazardous levels, and the Big Apple is again expecting a day of unhealthy air quality. The smoke is also affecting the air in Washington, as well as other major cities in Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia and North Carolina.

The current air quality in the Northeast U.S.
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Things to know

Eerie orange skies seen over New York City

The smoke was so thick in New York City on Wednesday that it filtered out some wavelengths of sunlight, turning the skies a shade of orange for several hours. The haze also obscured the city’s iconic skyline for much of the day. Take a look at these apocalyptic pics.

Hawaii’s Kilauea volcano starts erupting again

For the second time this year, the Kilauea volcano in Hawaii is erupting. Lava started spewing out of the mountain early Wednesday morning. Officials say no populated areas are being threatened at this time.

Hurricane HQ

Things are quiet in the tropics right now. For the latest developments through hurricane season, visit

The tropical weather outlook for the Atlantic Ocean.
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