Flood Warnings remain in effect across Midwest as deadly flooding threatens new towns down stream

Deaths associated with the flooding have been reported in both Iowa and South Dakota, and Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds announced Tuesday that President Joe Biden approved the state’s request for a major disaster declaration

DES MOINES, Iowa – Catastrophic flooding continues to impact the Midwest after days of torrential rain caused rivers and streams to overflow their banks, forcing residents to flee their homes and seek higher ground as water destroyed roads and bridges and even led to the partial failure of a dam.

Many rivers saw their highest crests ever, and Flood Warnings remain in effect across the region as the water continues to flow downstream into areas that may not have seen the amount of rain that led to the initial flooding.


Upstream, however, the damage has been done.

Deaths associated with the flooding have been reported in both Iowa and South Dakota, and Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds announced Tuesday that President Joe Biden approved the state’s request for a major disaster declaration - which now allows residents and businesses to apply for aid from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to help with recovery efforts.


Minnesota dam partially fails sending water rushing downstream

Residents living downstream of the Rapidan Dam near Mankato, Minnesota, were put on alert earlier this week that the swollen Blue Earth River had compromised the structure and it was in danger of a complete failure.

Video recorded in the area showed the water rushing across the side of the dam and began to erode the earth around it. A power substation was destroyed by the flooding and other videos showed structures being swept downstream.

Roads were closed around the dam, and the sheriff's office was warning curious onlookers to remain behind barricades or face a possible fine.

Home near dam collapses into Blue Earth River

In several of the videos recorded near the dam, a white home can be seen teetering precariously over the edge of an eroded bluff that formed when water began rushing around the side of the structure.

And late Tuesday night, while several people watched from the other side of the raging rapid, a large portion of the home collapsed and fell into the water, sending the debris downstream.

According to a report from FOX 9 in Minneapolis, Blue Earth County Officials said the section of the home fell into the Blue Earth River just before 10 p.m. local time.

Those who lived inside the home had been previously evacuated, and no injuries were reported.

Levee break leads to evacuation of Iowa town

Tornado sirens sounded in the town of Rock Valley, Iowa, early Saturday morning in an attempt to warn residents that a levee had failed and water would be sent flowing into the town. An evacuation was ordered and a Flash Flood Emergency was issued, and officials began to help people flee the area as the water began to rise.

Numerous high water rescues were conducted in communities that were flooded, and the flooding even caused a train to derail near Alvord in Lyon County.


The Monona County Sheriff's Office said on Tuesday that the town of Rodney was being evacuated because of a levee failure there, and roads across the region were closed to the public. Other residents in the area were warned that they needed to be prepared at a moment's notice to evacuate if needed.

Several roads and highways remain closed as of Wednesday, including Interstate 29 between Loveland in Iowa to Omaha in Nebraska, and Highway 12 between I-29 in Sioux City and Highway 3 near Westfield was also closed.


Iowa brothers rescue dozens from flooding

While flooding was ongoing in Iowa, two brothers took it upon themselves to help as many people as possible as water flooded the town of Spencer.

Drew and Aaron Hoing, who live about 30 miles to the north in Estherville, sprang into action when the flooding began and were able to help about 30 people, including their own family members, from the floodwaters.

"My aunt and uncle had moved to their roof because the flooding had just grown so rapidly," Drew Hoing told FOX Weather. "We just got the boat and headed down there … just getting in and out was a big challenge because the floodwaters were closing all the roads."

Water there has since started to recede, but it's going to be a long road to recovery for those who were impacted.

"I don't even know where they're going to begin to start to build their lives again," Drew Hoing said.


Drone provides dramatic look at Iowa flooding from above

Dramatic drone video recorded in Sheldon, Iowa, provided a bird’s-eye view at the scope of the devastation.

The video, which was shared with FOX Weather by O’Brien County Emergency Management officials, shows the Floyd River overflowing into the community of Sheldon to the southeast of Sioux Falls in South Dakota.


One of the videos shared shows vehicles driving over the bridge as the rushing water flows just below the bottom of the bridge.

While the water can be seen creeping closer to farms and homes along the riverbank, the high water can also be seen getting close to the Highway 18 bridge just west of the town.


Drone video recorded in Rock Valley also gave a different look at the flooding and showed numerous homes and businesses underwater.

"The City of Rock Valley urges residents to stay out of floodwaters," the city said on Facebook. "Residents who choose to go back into flood waters to check on their homes or retrieve belongings or pets, enter at their own risk. Our city first responders and personnel cannot be pulled away or sent back into the flood water if evacuations are not followed."

Railroad bridge collapses in South Dakota

Parts of South Dakota have also been heavily impacted by the deadly flooding, and work was being conducted to try and prevent as much was as possible from flowing into towns.

The South Dakota Department of Transportation spent time over the weekend building berms across lanes of I-29, which was closed in an attempt to protect North Sioux City and the Dakota Dunes.

"The protective structure will connect with an existing levee on the east side of North Sioux City," SDDOT said in a post on X, formerly Twitter.

A railroad bridge also partially collapsed between North Sioux City and Riverside because of the flooding.

"All I'm going to say is that I want to remind everybody to remember the power of water and the flow of water and to stay away from flooded areas," South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem said on Sunday.

Flood Warnings continue in Midwest

This graphic shows active flood alerts.
(FOX Weather)


The heaviest precipitation fell over the weekend, which is what led to the initial round of record flooding, and while conditions are calm and quiet currently, more rain is on the way.

Flood Warnings remain in effect for several major rivers and streams across the Midwest, including for portions of the Missouri River, Cedar River, Des Moines River, Little Sioux River, Big Sioux River and Rock River.

Many of those Flood Warnings remain in effect until further notice.

This graphic shows forecast rain totals through Saturday, June 29, 2024.
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The region will likely see some drier and calmer weather over the next few days, which will allow for recovery operations to begin and/or continue as water levels fall.

However, more wet weather is on the way.

The FOX Forecast Center isn't expecting blockbuster rainfall totals that were seen last weekend, but many areas could see an additional 1-2 inches of rain through the first part of the weekend.