Violent tornado damages hospital, homes in New Iberia, Louisiana

The mayor of New Iberia confirmed that there are no fatalities but several of his residents are being treated for injuries after a tornado hit the town.

NEW IBERIA, La. – Cleanup is underway after a violent tornado roared through New Iberia, Louisiana. Damage forced 60 families out of their homes in the city limits.

The tornado touched down near the Southport subdivision and damaged several homes there. Across town, it tore windows out of a medical center and the glass and debris rained down on the parked cars.

Here is another view of that tornado ripping through the town.

"There are still no fatalities in the area. One injury was moderate," Police Sergeant Dayesha Hughes told FOX Weather. "There are about 60 families that are displaced at this time." 

The Red Cross and United Way are assisting anyone displaced by the damage and power outages.

The electric company disconnected power to make search and clean-up safer. Poweroutage.US reports that at one point over 2,300 homes and businesses were without power.

"That one subdivision has some damage to the power grid. And we probably lost five or six homes, as well as some of the apartment complex, the roofs of two others," New Iberia Mayor Freddie DeCourt told FOX Weather.

The power company won't be able to repair the major line damage until Thursday. Other residents, the Mayor said should have power by evening.

Tornadoes are rare in the area, so New Iberia had no tornado sirens, confirmed the mayor.  He said the town was lucky that school kids were home.

"We were very blessed that they had the foresight to close school today," the mayor said. "So with all of the warnings and the predictions for bad weather, our schools were closed today."

"On the other side of town, the Iberia Medical Center, the hospital has sustained a significant amount of damage as well," police said in a video posted to Facebook.

You can hear the shock of one man as he drives past the center.

"Oh my God dude. That is nuts," Trevor Jude Primeaux says on the video with sirens in the background.


"We ask all citizens please avoid the area," police said in an interview with FOX Weather. "Stay away from the area. We do have power lines that are down and live across the road and in yards."

Video shows tossed RVs, toppled out buildings, and trees on top of homes.

Outside of New Orleans, a possible tornado tore through St. Charles Parish in the early evening. Officials confirmed one person died.

A tornado estimated to be an EF-2 with winds of 130 mph was reported in the Pecan Farms subdivision in the community of Keithville on Tuesday night. That tornado left a woman and her 8-year-old son dead, with at least two other people injured.


Several other tornadoes were reported in Oklahoma and Texas on Tuesday due to a coast-to-coast storm system that is expected to continue to produce tornadoes, large hail and damaging winds on the southern side while producing blizzard conditions in the Plains and snow to the Northeast on Thursday.