The Daily Weather Update from FOX Weather: Hello, hurricane season

Start your day with the latest weather news – The 2023 Atlantic hurricane season has officially begun, and the Hurricane Hunters will fly their first mission of the season into a disturbance in the Gulf of Mexico this afternoon.

Welcome to the Daily Weather Update from FOX Weather. It’s June 1, 2023, and the first day of the Atlantic hurricane season. Start your day the right way with everything you need to know about today's weather. You can also get a quick briefing of national, regional and local weather whenever you like with the FOX Weather Update podcast.

Hurricane season begins with Invest 91L in Gulf of Mexico

The Atlantic hurricane season officially begins today, and there is a disturbance in the Gulf of Mexico that is being closely watched. It has been dubbed Invest 91L, and it has a medium chance of development. Hurricane Hunters will fly their first mission of the season into 91L this afternoon. Regardless of development, Florida is expected to get plenty of rain and gusty winds from this system.

The outlook for Invest 91L in the Gulf of Mexico.
(FOX Weather)


Things to know

Meteorological summer also begins today

June 1 is a big day in the weather world. Not only does it mark the beginning of hurricane season, but it is also the start of meteorological summer. The summer solstice on June 21 marks the astronomical beginning of the season, but meteorologists consider the beginning of summer to be June 1. Why the difference? We explain here.

Is anyone out there? NASA holds meetings on UFOs

Some of the world's leading scientists handpicked by NASA held their first public meeting Wednesday ahead of their Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena (UAP) report to be released in late July. One of the concerns the committee addressed regarding UAP was extraterrestrial lifeforms. However, NASA stressed its stance on the issue during the meeting.

"I want to emphasize this loud and proud that there is absolutely no convincing evidence for extraterrestrial life associated with UAPs," said Dan Evans, assistant deputy associate administrator within NASA’s Science Mission Directorate and NASA official responsible for orchestrating the study. 

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