The Daily Weather Update from FOX Weather: Winter storm wallops Northeast

Start your day with the latest weather news – Northeast gets a mixed bag as a winter storm blows through, and an arctic blast is on the way.

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Snow, ice, rain impacting travel in Northeast

The week of wild weather continues as a winter storm takes aim at the Northeast, bringing a little bit of everything with it. Ice coated parts of the region on Wednesday as snow started falling in other places. Travel is already being affected by the wintry weather.

Along the heavily populated I-95 corridor, it has been mainly raining, with perhaps some sleet mixed in at times. No accumulation of winter precipitation is expected, but roads will be wet in the major metros.

Heavy snow is forecast in interior sections of the Northeast, where as much as two feet of accumulation is possible in higher elevations. Winter weather alerts are up all over the region.

Winter weather alerts are in effect for the Northeast.
(FOX Weather)


Arctic blast to overtake much of US next week

Reach way back into your closet and grab that winter coat. Most of us are going to need them next week as a blast of frigid air dives south. We’re talking below-zero temperatures for highs in the far northern Plains. It won’t be that cold for everyone, but it’ll be the lowest temperatures much of the eastern U.S. has seen so far this season. There's even talk of a winter storm that could impact a large swath of the U.S. during the days ahead of Christmas.

Temperature departure from average for the northern Plains on Monday.
(FOX Weather)


Recapping severe weather

The tornado outbreak that has ravaged the South this week came to an end Thursday. There have been more than 50 reports of tornadoes from Texas to Georgia, with more than two dozen tornadoes having been confirmed. Storm surveys continue, so expect that number to rise.

Twisters killed three people in Louisiana and injured more than a dozen others. A woman who lives next door to one of the victims recounted the horror of living through the twister that killed her neighbors.

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