The Daily Weather Update from FOX Weather: Severe storms to wreak havoc for third-straight day

Start your day with the latest weather news – deadly storms tear across the South while a snowstorm eyes the Northeast.

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Severe storms march east after causing death, destruction across South

For the third-straight day, the FOX Forecast Center is tracking a severe weather threat in the South. The storms have already killed and injured people across the region while leaving behind paths of destruction.

Today, dangerous storms are likely from southern South Carolina through southeastern Georgia and into the Florida Peninsula. A few tornadoes and damaging wind gusts are the primary threats.

The severe thunderstorm outlook for Thursday.
(FOX Weather)


There have been more than 50 reports of tornadoes during this week’s outbreak. This type of event is caused by specific ingredients coming together in just the right way. Here’s a look at how tornado outbreaks happen.

Coast-to-coast storm to end with Northeast snowstorm

On the cold side of the system causing the severe weather in the South, a blinding blizzard has crippled parts of the northern Plains. Several inches of snow and a coating of ice have been reported across the region.

Now, the energy from this storm is helping to stir up another storm that will bring a little bit of everything to the Northeast from Thursday into the weekend. Parts of the I-95 corridor will likely see a freezing mix before the precipitation changes to rain. Interior sections of the region will see a longer-duration winter storm, piling up snow for some and coating others in ice.

Winter weather alerts in effect for the Northeast.
(FOX Weather)


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