Invest 94L in central Atlantic could develop into Subtropical Storm Don late this week

The National Hurricane Center is giving Invest 94L a 70% chance of development over the next two days.

An area of low pressure in the central Atlantic Ocean dubbed Invest 94L is being monitored for tropical or subtropical development by the National Hurricane Center (NHC).

The NHC is giving Invest 94L a 70% chance of development over the next two days.

The term "invest" is a naming convention used by the NHC to identify a system forecasters are investigating for possible development into a tropical depression or tropical storm within the next seven days. 


The outlook for Invest 94L in the central Atlantic Ocean.
(FOX Weather)


Invest 94L is about 900 miles east of Bermuda and continues to produce disorganized showers and thunderstorms well to the east and southeast of its center. Environmental conditions are forecast to be somewhat conducive for development of this system as it meanders over the central Atlantic, according to the NHC.

A subtropical storm could form during the next couple of days. By this weekend, the low-pressure system will likely turn northward and move over cooler waters, potentially limiting additional development.


The system does not pose any threat to the U.S., according to FOX Weather Hurricane Specialist Bryan Norcross

If this system were to develop and have sustained winds of at least 40 mph, it would become Subtropical Storm Don

The tropics have had a recent quiet spell as the Saharan dust season gets underway. The dust can hinder tropical development in the Atlantic Basin.