‘We’re not going to rebuild’: Texas town recovering from last week’s tornado as more storms loom

Jacksboro was hit by an EF-3 twister with 140-150 mph winds during a multiday severe weather outbreak

JACKSBORO, Texas – As residents of Jacksboro, Texas, recover from last week’s powerful tornado, more severe storms are threatening the town Tuesday night.

The nearly 150 mph winds of the EF-3 twister on March 21 tore a path through the town located about 60 miles northwest of Fort Worth. Nine people were injured.


A week later, people whose lives were upended by the cyclone are cleaning up the splintered remains of their homes. Charla Adams said a home that had been in her family for nearly 50 years is gone.

"It was a big, about 2,500-square-foot home, solid brick all the ways around, and it just totally destroyed it," Charla Adams, a Jacksboro resident, told FOX Weather multimedia correspondent Robert Ray on Tuesday. "It took it all."

Brittany Steffe, another resident, said that while the destruction to her home is heartbreaking, the help of strangers from across the country who have descended on the town is giving her hope.

"We just talked to a lady from North Dakota, and one from Colorado that’s stopped by to see if we needed anything," Steffe said.

There were scenes Tuesday of volunteers working to clean up the mangled remains of the town ransacked by Mother Nature, even as the possibility of more severe storms looms.

The Storm Prediction Center is forecasting the possibility of hail, damaging winds and isolated tornadoes for much of the Central U.S. on Tuesday night. Jacksboro is at a slight risk (2 out of 5) for those types of storms.

Adams said last week’s storms were too much to bear.

"We’re not going to rebuild," she said. "We’re going to clean this up and probably sell the lot."

More than 60 tornadoes were reported across a large swath of the southern U.S. during last week’s outbreak. The worst of this week’s weather is again targeting the southern U.S.