Temperatures to briefly plunge this week after taste of summer shatters more than 200 record highs

Chicago saw record-breaking heat late last week but saw snow return Monday as temperatures hovered in the low 30s.

More than 200 record-high temperatures were broken across the U.S. from the Southwest to the Northeast last week, but the brief taste of summer has come to an end as temperatures are expected to tumble back to average or cooler in the week ahead.

According to the FOX Forecast Center, cities that saw record-breaking heat now see cold temperatures as a storm system brought snow to parts of the Upper Midwest


Record-breaking temperatures for US

Last week, an area of low pressure brought rain and stormy conditions to the Southeast, which helped to keep temperatures cooler there, while areas to the north and northwest saw record-breaking heat.


Denver, for example, saw a high temperature of 85 degrees last Wednesday, about 21 degrees warmer than average. Then, on Friday, temperatures fell back below average, and the city saw a high temperature of 55 degrees – a 30-degree temperature drop. Snow was also reported in Denver on Friday.

The extreme temperature swing was also evident in Minneapolis-St. Paul, which saw a high temperature of 83 degrees on Friday and is only expected to reach the 40s Monday after receiving a fresh blanket of snow over the weekend. 

In the Northeast, Buffalo, New York, saw temperatures nearly 30 degrees above average on Friday, but by Tuesday, the city is expected to fall back into the lower 40s.

Forecast for the start of the week

The temperature change will be noticeable for millions across the country's eastern half.

On Sunday, Milwaukee only saw temperatures in the mid-50s during the day, but when the cold front marches through, it will get even colder. By Monday, Milwaukee saw a high temperature of only about 40 degrees, but it will jump back to about 52 degrees on Tuesday.

Chicago saw record-high temperatures Friday but cooled down into the 40s Monday with snow.

Temperatures have steadily dropped in Chicago since the Windy City experienced warm weather last week.
(FOX Weather)


New York City will get in on the cooldown later in the week. The Big Apple saw a high temperature in the lower 70s on Monday. By Tuesday, New York is only expected to reach the upper 50s for daytime highs.

The Boston Marathon is being held on Monday, and temperatures along the 26.2-mile race route were much cooler than the region saw last week.

In Hopkinton, where the Boston Marathon begins, temperatures were in the upper 40s at the start of the race, and due to overcast skies and rain, the city only warmed near 50 degrees.

The temperature swing is expected to continue the rest of the week, with warmer weather sweeping across the eastern half of the U.S.