Summerlike heat wave shatters dozens of records across the US before cold front charges east

Highs will once again rise to record levels Friday with a potent cold front quickly advancing east across the Central U.S. throughout the weekend.

After dozens of heat records were shattered across the U.S. on Wednesday and Thursday, temperatures will soar once again Friday before plunging into chilly spring temperatures through the weekend.

Thursday was a record-setting day across nearly all of the Eastern U.S. with more than 40 records broken. According to the FOX Forecast Center, some locations like New York City saw their hottest April day in years across parts of the Northeast.

"We hit 90 degrees yesterday," said FOX Weather meteorologist Britta Merwin. "Now on average, our first 90-degree day in New York City is May 28th, closer to Memorial Day weekend. So, this is really ahead of schedule by about six weeks."

Highs will once again rise to record levels Friday. Nearly a dozen records have the potential to fall that day, with most of these records located in the Great Lakes and Northeast.


For example, on Friday in the Upper Midwest, Minneapolis is forecast to reach a high of 82 degrees, while Marquette is expected to reach 72 degrees.

The streak of record highs, however, will soon come to an end.

A potent cold front will begin quickly advancing east across the Central U.S. The FOX Forecast Center said temperatures will plummet, with some locations expected to see nearly a 40-degree temperature drop within 24 hours.

This front will reach the Upper Midwest by Saturday morning, the Great Lakes Sunday, and finally the Northeast on Monday. Temperatures will return closer to average, ending this fairly significant stretch of unusual warmth.