Another round of severe weather possible in areas ravaged by tornadoes last week

NOAA's Storm Prediction Center predicts severe storms on Tuesday and Wednesday

Forecasters have flagged the possibility of severe weather next week in some of the same areas that were hit hard by storms this week.

While the U.S. will get a bit of a break from severe storms during the weekend, NOAA's Storm Prediction Center said a strong area of low pressure will move into the central U.S. early next week and create the potential for severe weather on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Tuesday’s potential is more likely from central and eastern Kansas down to central Texas.

Cities that will need to keep an eye to the sky include Kansas City and Wichita, Kansas, Oklahoma City, and Dallas and Austin, Texas.

Severe weather potential on March 29, 2022
Severe weather potential for March 29, 2022.
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Wednesday’s potential is best from southern Illinois through the mid-South down to Louisiana.

Areas that are very likely to experience severe weather include northeastern Louisiana, southeastern Arkansas and western Mississippi, including Jackson.

Severe weather potential on March 30, 2022
Severe weather potential for March 30, 2022.
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These are some of the same areas that were ransacked during a three-day tornado outbreak earlier this week that resulted in more than 50 confirmed twisters.

Tornado tally from March 21-23, 2022, severe weather outbreak
The tornado tally from the March 21-23, 2022, severe weather outbreak.
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The strongest of this week’s tornadoes happened in the New Orleans area, where an EF-3 cyclone with 160-mph peak winds tore an 11-mile path through the eastern side of the metro Tuesday night. Most of the town of Arabi was damaged or destroyed by the tornado.

Another EF-3 twister with 150-mph winds swept through the town of Jacksboro, Texas, on Monday. A third EF-3 tornado with 145-mph winds was reported in Damascus, Mississippi, on Tuesday.

Two people were killed during this week’s severe weather outbreak, and dozens of injuries have been reported.