Daylight reveals devastation in Mississippi communities hit hard by tornado outbreak

A tornado hit Malone's Grocery in Lowndes County, causing severe damage, but no one was harmed by the twister.

CALEDONIA, Miss. – Daylight has revealed extensive damage to homes and a local grocery store in Mississippi the morning after a severe weather outbreak ripped through the South, spawning tornadoes. 

The deadly severe weather outbreak has led to more than two dozen reports of tornadoes from Louisiana to Mississippi to Alabama since Tuesday afternoon. The threat of damaging storms will continue across the South as the same line of storms sweeps east on Wednesday.

FOX Weather Correspondent Nicole Valdes is in Lowndes County, Mississippi, where a tornado hit a local grocery store in Caledonia. At least two tornadoes were spotted in the area overnight. 


Lowndes County Emergency Manager Cindy Lawrence said a tornado hit Malone's Grocery, causing severe damage, but no one was harmed by the twister.

Caledonia resident Richard White saw his mobile home heavily damaged by an apparent tornado that cut across the area.

"A lot of shock, really," White told FOX Weather. "Upset that I lost my home. Just got to go on and rebuild and keep going."

White had left before the storm to be with his mother and father and drove back toward his home as thunder and rain still raged on.

"It was raining sideways and hailing going on," White said. "I had to park way down the road and walk here about 3/4 of a mile or more in the rain. And got here and saw this and of course, you’re going to get upset about your home."

It’s now the second time White has had to rebuild from a tornado strike. 

His home was damaged during another tornado outbreak that cut across Mississippi and Alabama in 2011.

"One time is enough," he said. "Twice? I don’t know what to say other than it’s unreal." 

A storm spotter also reported extensive damage in Steens, south of Caledonia. Trees were knocked down, and the steeple of a church was also toppled.

Residents returning to search through damaged homes and businesses will also have to contend with cold temperatures on Wednesday, starting in the low 40s. A cold front tracking from the Northwest continues to move east Wednesday. 


More than 13,000 customers in Mississippi are without power the morning after the severe weather outbreak.

Caledonia is only a few miles from the Mississippi-Alabama state line. 

At least two people are confirmed dead in Montgomery County, Alabama, when trees toppled onto their homes, according to county officials. 

On Wednesday, National Weather Service survey teams will begin assessing the damages to determine the strength of the twisters based on the Enhanced Fujita Scale