Mother’s Day severe weather putting 10 million at risk of damaging winds, large hail and isolated tornadoes

The greatest severe weather risk lies across an area stretching from east-central Missouri to southern Illinois, southwestern Indiana and western Kentucky, including the cities of St. Louis and Evansville, Indiana.

More than 10 million people across parts of the Midwest will be at risk of seeing severe thunderstorms again on Sunday, with damaging wind gusts, large hail and isolated tornadoes possible during the afternoon and evening.

The greatest severe weather risk lies across an area stretching from east-central Missouri to southern Illinois, southwestern Indiana and western Kentucky, where the FOX Forecast Center expects the most favorable conditions to support severe storms.

A Severe Thunderstorm Watch was issued for parts of Missouri and Illinois until 10 p.m. CT.

Severe Thunderstorm Watches are highlighted in yellow, and Tornado Watches are highlighted in red.
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Cities like St. Louis and Evansville, Indiana, are included in the heightened risk for severe thunderstorms on Mother’s Day.


The severe weather risk on Sunday, May 14, 2023.
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"St. Louis to Evansville (Indiana) to Paducah (Kentucky), this is going to be that area of greatest concern, where not only is large hail toward Cape Girardeau (Missouri) and up towards St. Louis a possibility, but also damaging winds are really going to be the primary threat where we’re talking about some capable of bringing down trees and power lines in that zone," FOX Weather meteorologist Michael Estime said.

Estime said there’s also a tornado threat on Sunday, but the threat zone is more limited.

"Parts of eastern Missouri towards places like Mount Vernon in Illinois and the western edge of Kentucky, you just need to be mindful," Estime said.

The first part of the day is expected to be quiet when it comes to the development of strong to severe thunderstorms, but Estime said that as the storms tap into some of the energy during the afternoon and evening, that’s when things can start to become more active across the region.

Active Mother's Day weekend for severe weather

The low-pressure system responsible for the Mother's Day weekend round of storms is the same one that triggered 50 Tornado Warnings in Nebraska on Friday.

Storm trackers captured video of large wedge tornadoes rolling through the Cornhusker State.

Two people were reported to be injured when one of the tornadoes rolled through an area near Lyon, Nebraska.

The National Weather Service reported several homes were damaged, and one was shifted off its foundation.

Severe weather also impacted South Texas, where at least one person was reported dead and at least 10 others injured after a tornado moved through the Port Isabel area.

A line of storms triggered a few Severe Thunderstorm Warnings in Missouri and Tornado Warnings in Iowa on Saturday. Storm chasers reported seeing a multi-vortex tornado near Pleasantville, Iowa, on Saturday afternoon. A funnel cloud was also spotted southeast of Des Moines, near Knoxville, Iowa. A Tornado Warning was issued by the local National Weather Service office for the storm, which moved off to the east and southeast.