Florida's summer sizzle comes early with potential record-high temperatures this week

It's only April, but Florida and the Southeast are forecast to feel temperatures more common when summer is well underway. Warm temperatures and the ongoing dry spell in Florida will likely create more opportunities for wildfires to quickly spread.

ORLANDO, Fla. Florida will get an early taste of summerlike heat heading into the weekend. Temperatures are forecast to be up to 15 degrees above average for mid-April, bringing highs in the lower to mid-90s across much of the Sunshine State.

You are right if you think April is too early to feel this hot. According to the FOX Forecast Center, temperatures this week are forecast to be closer to the average for June or July. 

A high-pressure system parked over Florida will cause temperatures to soar this week. Records could be set across Florida, Georgia and South Carolina on Thursday and Friday.

Potential record-high temperatures across the Southeast on Thursday.
(FOX Weather)


"We don't really have drought conditions in Florida, but because high pressure has been kind of set up and planted in place, you get the big-time heat with no added rain," FOX Weather Meteorologist Marissa Torres said. "We could start to see that narrative change for Florida as we continue to see things dry up at hot, hot temperatures."


The lack of recent rain and warm temperatures could contribute to the spread of wildfires.

Tampa is just shy of hitting the 90s this week, reaching a high of 88 on Wednesday. The Tampa Bay area will remain in the upper 80s through the weekend.

Farther inland, Lakeland, Florida, is forecast to approach a record high on Thursday, with temperatures in the lower 90s expected through Sunday.

Landlocked Orlando won’t benefit much from coastal breezes. By Thursday, The City Beautiful is expected to hit 90 and stay in the lower 90s through the weekend. Normally, Orlando averages a high of 84 in mid-April.

Tallahassee, Florida, is expected to reach 91 degrees on Thursday and Friday, nearly 10 degrees above the average high temperature in April for Florida's capital.

Miami might avoid sizzling through the week and into the weekend with highs in the lower 80s. Things warm up for South Florida next week when Miami is forecast to see a high of 86 degrees on Monday.

Atlanta might not make the 90s club yet, but it will come close on Thursday with a forecast high of 86 degrees. Other cities in the Southeast are more likely to hit that hot milestone on Thursday, with a high of 90 forecast in Augusta, Georgia. 

Florida's dry season contributes to brushfire growth

While not in drought, the soil in Florida remains dry as the state is nearing the end of its typical dry season

Florida Forest Service crews and local fire departments are responding to brushfires around the state fueled by dry vegetation.

Across Florida, less than 1 inch of rain has fallen since April 1st, including in Miami and Fort Myers, where wildfires are currently burning.

The dry spell will likely create more opportunities for fires to spread quickly. 

Rain chances could return to Florida next week as a cold front slowly moves through the region.