The Daily Weather Update from FOX Weather: Hurricane Lee expected to rapidly intensify into powerful hurricane

Start your day with the latest weather news – All eyes are on Hurricane Lee as the storm is expected to rapidly intensify and reach Category 4 strength by the weekend.

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Hurricane HQ: Hurricane Lee expected to rapidly intensify

In what continues to be the storm to watch, Lee strengthened from a tropical storm to a hurricane and is only expected to continue to rapdily intensify, starting later Thursday. 

By the weekend, Hurricane Lee is expected to reach major hurricane status and bring gusty winds and rough seas to the Lesser Antilles and Puerto Rico.

And as we approach the peak of hurricane season, Lee isn't the only tropical system being tracked this week.

The forecast track for Hurricane Lee.
(FOX Weather)


Summer keeps hanging on

A heat wave will continue to swelter the Northeast and mid-Atlantic this week, with temperatures nearing 100 degrees in places like Washington, D.C.

Potential record highs in the Northeast.
(FOX Weather)


The FOX Forecast Center says that widespread triple-digit heat has also returned to the Southern Plains, and dozens of daily record highs are expected to fall in the days ahead. ERCOT, Texas' largest energy supplier, issued a Weather Watch through Saturday warning that demand for energy will be high and moved into an emergency status on Wednesday.


Potential record highs in the South.
(FOX Weather)


SO METAL: NASA to visit metallic asteroid Psyche

A NASA mission launching in October will study the asteroid Psyche, believed to contain precious metals and clues to how planets form. Scientists believe Psyche is a metal-rich asteroid because of its density and the light reflected by the asteroid. NASA spacecraft will begin to send back the first images of Psyche in 2029.

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