The Daily Weather Update from FOX Weather: Flooding concerns prompt campground closures at Yosemite

Start your day with the latest weather news – Storms could causing flooding issues in the central U.S., while snowmelt is prompting campground closures at Yosemite National Park. Plus, the Eastern Pacific hurricane season starts today.

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Flood threat prompts closures at Yosemite

After months of historic snow, Yosemite National Park officials announced they would close several campgrounds Monday due to the threat of flooding from snowmelt. 

Lower Pines, North Pines and Housekeeping Camp will close starting on Monday. Officials didn't announce when they expect to reopen the campgrounds but said they would provide an update Monday evening. 

Continuous rain spells trouble for central US

Flooding has been a major problem for parts of the central U.S. over the past week, and the risk continues to start the workweek. 

Central and South Texas will once again be in Monday's risk of flash flooding, along with the Ozarks region from Tulsa, Oklahoma, to St. Louis. 

Additional rainfall totals expected through Tuesday, May 16, 2023.
(FOX Weather)


Eastern Pacific hurricane season begins Monday

May 15 marks the start of the Eastern Pacific hurricane season, two weeks earlier than the Atlantic hurricane season.

The earlier start for the Eastern Pacific hurricane season is due to warmer ocean temperatures, providing more fuel to any tropical cyclones that are able to develop. 

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