The Daily Weather Update from FOX Weather: Tornadoes sweep across Oklahoma as snowstorm eyes Northeast

Start your day with the latest weather news – Tornadoes tore through the Oklahoma City metro overnight and caused significant damage in the area. Elsewhere in the country, a snowstorm is headed for the Northeast tonight.

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Tornadoes cause damage near Oklahoma City

A line of severe thunderstorms spanning hundreds of miles swept across the central and southern Plains Sunday evening, bringing destruction at the hands of rare February tornadoes in Oklahoma and straight-line wind gusts that topped 80 to 100 mph.

Significant tornado damage was reported in Norman, Oklahoma, just outside Oklahoma City, home to the University of Oklahoma. To the south, in Memphis, Texas, a thunderstorm brought a ferocious wind gust of 114 mph.

Over 135,000 customers were left without power in parts of Oklahoma, Texas and New Mexico on Sunday night, but the number of outages has since fallen to about 56,000.

In total, the National Weather Service received nine reports of tornadoes as of early Monday morning. Storm survey teams will head out Monday to confirm whether the damage resulted from tornadoes. In addition, there were 117 reports of damaging winds of at least 58 mph, including 15 reported gusts of 75-plus mph.

Things to know:

Northeast snowstorm looms

It’s been a relatively quiet winter in the Northeast, but all that is about to change as a snowstorm is expected to impact the region starting Monday night.

Blockbuster snow totals aren’t expected, but there is an increasing likelihood that several inches could fall in New York state and across portions of New England.

The storm is also expected to last through the Tuesday morning commute, making it a slow go for millions along the Interstate 95 corridor from New York City through Connecticut, Rhode Island into the Boston area.

Report shows new risks from hurricane winds

Millions of homes and businesses along the East Coast from the Northeast to the Southeast and the Gulf Coast are likely to see an increased risk of experiencing damaging winds from tropical systems due to climate change, according to a new report from the First Street Foundation.

"Overall, in the next 30 years, the expected Average Annual Loss (AAL) resulting from this risk increases from $18.5 billion to $19.9 billion, and 13.4 million properties are likely to face tropical cyclone winds that do not currently face such risk," the report said.

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