The Daily Weather Update from FOX Weather: Multiday severe weather threat returns

Start your day with the latest weather news – A large swath of the central U.S. is being monitored today for the potential of severe thunderstorms, but the risk appears higher later this week.

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17 million face severe weather threat across central US today

The FOX Forecast Center is watching a large portion of the central U.S. for the possibility of severe thunderstorms today. The risk zone stretches from the Midwest to Texas, but the highest chance of severe weather is in an area from Iowa to Oklahoma. It’s possible that a so-called "cap" will keep a lid on development, but people living in these regions should stay close to weather information throughout the day. The FOX Weather app can send you alerts for your location when severe storms happen.

The severe weather outlook for April 19, 2023.
(FOX Weather)


Things to know

Risk of severe storms grows as week ends

The risk of severe thunderstorms lingers through the rest of the week, with Thursday appearing to be the highest risk in an area stretching from Chicago to Houston. Hard-hit Little Rock, Arkansas, is once again in the heart of the zone of most concern. The threat sags a bit farther south on Friday into Mississippi, Louisiana and Texas.

Severe thunderstorms are possible across both the central and southern U.S. this week.
(FOX Weather)


Iowa town prepares for flooding from Minnesota snowmelt

The Mississippi River carries water from the Upper Midwest all the way to the Gulf of Mexico. Winter snows in the upper reaches of the river are melting fast and rushing into the vital waterway. Davenport, Iowa, is already seeing the effects of the melting snow, with water levels on the rise. FOX Weather’s Robert Ray reports.

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