Atlantic Invest 93L expected to become tropical depression on heels of Bret

The National Hurricane Center gives the tropical disturbance a 70% chance to develop into at least a tropical depression over the next two days and an 80% chance of development in the next week.

5:00 A.M. UPDATE: Tropical Depression Four has formed in the Atlantic. Check here for the latest on Tropical Depression Four.

The tropics have come alive early in the 2023 Atlantic hurricane season, with another tropical disturbance dubbed Invest 93L being watched for development.

According to the National Hurricane Center (NHC), the tropical disturbance is located about midway between the western coast of Africa and the Caribbean islands.

Showers and thunderstorms have become a little better organized on Wednesday, so forecasters continue to give the disturbance greater than 50-50 odds for developing over the next few days.

The outlook for Invest 93L in the central tropical Atlantic.
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An invest is the designation the NHC uses to identify an area of disturbed weather being investigated for possible tropical development.

The NHC gives the disturbance a 80% chance to develop into at least a tropical depression over the next two days and an 90% chance of development in the next week as it moves westward at 10 to 15 mph across the central tropical Atlantic through the early part of the weekend.


FOX Weather Meteorologist Jason Frazer said the system is still somewhat disorganized, but there is good reason to suspect it will develop.

"Typically, what will happen with some of these invest systems is, over time, we’ll see strengthening," Frazer said. "Part of the reason why we do believe this is going to end up becoming Cindy is because we have sea-surface temperatures that are well into the 80s, and at least in this part of the Atlantic, we’re not going to see a lot of wind shear."

Farther west in the Atlantic, the NHC is also tracking Tropical Storm Bret. The system is expected to impact the eastern Caribbean as a tropical storm on Thursday and Friday.

An overview of the tropics in the Atlantic Basin.
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