Above-average temperatures to bring some relief to frozen Plains

Temperatures Monday into Tuesday will warm to 10 to 25 degrees above average for the Plains

After a winter storm brought snow and ice last week, warmer weather is on the way for much of the central U.S. this week.

Temperatures were below zero last week, but warmer air will return to the Northern Plains on Monday. However, eastern North Dakota and the upper Midwest will have to deal with the colder temperatures for one more day.

From Fargo, North Dakota, to Minneapolis/St. Paul and points to the east, temperatures are expected to be in the teens and 20s.

However, to the west, warmer temperatures will move in during the day. Rapid City, South Dakota, is forecast to reach 57 degrees Monday. To the south in North Platte, Nebraska, temperatures are expected to be in the lower 60s.

Temperatures could be 20 to 30 degrees above average from eastern Montana into the Dakotas and southward through Nebraska and Kansas.

Warmer air will spread farther into the region on Tuesday. Fargo will be in the mid-30s, while Minneapolis/St. Paul jumps to 43 degrees – a big jump in temperatures from the day before.

The Central Plains will generally be in the 60s, while people in Denver will enjoy a high temperature of 50 degrees.

Temperatures on Tuesday will be 20 to 30 degrees above average across a larger area of the Plains.

By Wednesday, colder air will begin to move back into parts of the Northern Plains and upper Midwest.

The Central Plains will enjoy another day of springlike temperatures. Wichita, Kansas, will be around 61 degrees. A large part of Oklahoma will also enjoy temperatures in the 60s on Wednesday.

While not as warm as the beginning of the week, high pressure will allow the above-average temperatures to continue. Generally, temperatures will be 10 to 20 degrees higher than average. However, some parts of Montana could see temperatures 20 degrees above average.

On Monday, mild air will also be felt from the Central Plains southward to the Gulf Coast. Temperatures will be in the 50s for most of the region, but places closer to the Gulf Coast, like Houston and Austin, Texas, will be in the lower 60s.

Temperatures in the 60s will stretch across more of the region on Tuesday.

Del Rio, Texas, will be the warm spot, with a forecast high temperature of 72 degrees. Elsewhere, people across Texas, Oklahoma and the Mississippi Valley will be in the mid- to upper 60s.

Mild air will continue as we get into the middle part of the week, as temperatures will creep closer to 70 across Texas and northern Louisiana. 

Most of the region will be around average for this time of year, but as we get into Tuesday and Wednesday, the Central Plains and northern Texas will see above-average temperatures. The warm spot will be the Central Plains, where it could be 20 to 30 degrees above average.