Backdoor front cools down Northeast while New England stays wet

After record-breaking heat baked the Northeast this week, a big drop in temperatures has arrived in the region. At the same time, a pesky but potent storm swirling off the coast is dumping rain on New England.

The Northeast got some weather whiplash this weekend as a backdoor cold front and a potent storm system have brought drastic changes to the region.

Record-breaking heat baked much of the Northeast this week, with temperatures climbing into the upper 80s and 90s. Firefighters in Massachusetts were forced to battle a massive blaze at a historic church Friday that appears to have been sparked by lightning while also dealing with 90-degree temperatures.

On top of all that heat, dry weather has also plagued much of the region in recent weeks.

That has changed for parts of the region this weekend.

Backdoor cold front tumbles temps

Nearly two dozen high-temperature records have been broken since Thursday, according to the FOX Forecast Center. A cold front swinging through the Northeast this weekend has knocked 20-30 degrees off the summerlike temperatures the region has been experiencing this week.  

Burlington, Vermont, broke records with temperatures reaching 96 degrees on Thursday and 91 degrees on Friday, but saw temperatures top out at about 70 degrees on Saturday. After reaching the mid-80s on Friday, Boston hit a high of just 57 degrees on Saturday. 

This cold front is of the backdoor variety because it is approaching from a different direction than cold fronts typically do. In this case, the cold air won’t move from the usual northwest to southeast. Instead, the cold air this weekend is moving from the north to almost due south.


High temperature forecast for the Northeast.
(FOX Weather)


Wet weekend for New England

Parts of New England are in the lowest level of drought, mainly along the coast and areas near the Canadian border. A pesky but potent low-pressure system is helping reduce at least some of the drought after parking itself off the coast and slinging abundant moisture into coastal areas. The result will be persistent rain for parts of the region.

The bulk of the rain will be confined to Maine to start the weekend, but by Sunday, rain spreads farther south and inland. This means places such as Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont and Rhode Island will get in on the wet weather.

Up to 2 inches of rain is possible in some areas through Monday.


The precipitation forecast through June 5, 2023.
(FOX Weather)