Winter weather alerts issued in Texas for potential ice, snow through Friday

A Winter Storm Warning has been issued for places like Corpus Christi and Laredo, while San Antonio and Austin are under a Winter Weather Advisory

Winter weather could create slick roads across much of south-central Texas on Thursday.

A Winter Storm Warning has been issued for much of South Texas, including Corpus Christi and Laredo. A Winter Weather Advisory has been issued for the majority of Central Texas, including San Antonio and Austin.

A cold front moved through the region on Wednesday, and that produced some severe weather as it crossed the Lone Star State. Cold air began to move in behind that front, and as a disturbance starts to move through on Thursday morning, some frozen precipitation has been reported on the northern side of the Winter Weather Advisory area.

There is a threat for some icing over the next day or so in the area under a Winter Storm Warning. Ice is possible from Freer and Alice, south to Encino, San Isidro, McAllen and Rio Grande City.

Temperatures are still above freezing, but freezing rain has been reported to the northwest of the San Antonio area. As the day continues, precipitation will bring down colder air from higher in the atmosphere and allow for a change from rain to a blend of wintry weather. Freezing rain, sleet and snow are all possible inside the Winter Weather Advisory area.

A wintry mix is possible as far east as areas just north of the Houston metro and even parts of the central Gulf Coast. Winter Weather Advisories have been issued for places like Baton Rouge, Houma and Covington, Louisiana. Biloxi, Mississippi, is also included in the advisory.

While accumulations will be highly dependent on where the heaviest bands of this wintry weather occur, up to a tenth of an inch of ice seems possible in some places. This will lead to dangerous driving conditions, especially on elevated surfaces like bridges and overpasses.

People who live in this region will need to stay updated on the forecast. Download the FOX Weather app to get the latest weather alerts and forecasts for your location.

It’s been nearly a year since a winter storm moved through south-central Texas. The region was among the places in the Lone Star State that were hit hard by snow, ice and arctic air in February 2021.