The Daily Weather Update from FOX Weather: Storm could spell early Christmas travel trouble for East Coast

Start your day with the latest weather news – A storm system developing near Florida this week could cause problems for people on the East Coast who are getting an early start on their holiday travel next week.

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Coastal storm could slow early Christmas travel on East Coast next week

A storm system developing in the Gulf of Mexico this week will have far-reaching impacts across the eastern U.S. After dumping heavy rain and raising the risk of flash flooding in Florida, the storm moves up the East Coast. That will lead to messy weather that could cause some headaches for early holiday travelers.

The weather outlook for the East Coast next week.
(FOX Weather)


Texas faces flood risk through Friday

A storm moving through the south-central U.S. is bringing snow to the High Plains of Colorado and New Mexico and heavy rain elsewhere. The heaviest rain on Thursday will fall across parts of Texas, where the risk of flash flooding is elevated. That risk continues in the Lone Star State on Friday but moves east on Saturday.

The weather forecast for the southern Plains.
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Solar storms could switch railway signals in ‘worst-case scenario,’ study finds

Geomagnetic storms are caused by charged particles shot from the Sun interacting with the Earth’s atmosphere. A study published this week found that in a "worst-case scenario," a powerful solar storm could cause signals that are used to direct trains to the appropriate tracks to change on their own.

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