Move over, Phil: Here are 9 other groundhogs that weigh in on the forecast

Check out Groundhog Day forecasts and mishaps across the continent.

Yet another year has come and gone with folks growing weary of a cold and dreary winter, but here come the groundhogs with their annual glimmer of hope.

Here's a look at the Groundhog Day forecast for some towns that have their prognosticating rodent.

So, which one of the famous furry friends will you turn to for a look into the future? Here's our list of the most notable groundhogs for Feb. 2 forecasts.

Just a quick refresher before we get to the list: No shadow means an early spring. A shadow means six more weeks of winter.

Punxsutawney Phil - Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania

The tradition started 136 years ago. Groundhog Day on Gobbler’s Knob made the local paper. The next year residents made their way to the knob to celebrate, according to the Punxsutawney Groundhog Club website. Today, thousands celebrate Phil "emerging" from hibernation for his prognostication. How accurate is Phil? Click here to find out.

Staten Island Chuck – Staten Island, New York

Chuck made national news when he bit New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg on the finger in 2009. Bloomberg reached into the groundhog’s cage which did not work out well. Chuck lives at the Staten Island Zoo.

Then in 2014, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio dropped the squirming rodent which died a week later. Zoo officials claimed the fall was not related to the death.

Chuck, was actually Charlotte, Chuck’s granddaughter. Chuck was secretly replaced after the biting incident.f

Jimmy the Groundhog – Sun Prairie, Wisconsin

Jimmy bit Sun Prairie Mayor Jonathan Freund in 2015 while the man leaned in to "hear" the groundhog’s forecast. The mayor declared there would be an early Spring, but Jimmy’s handlers said the official got it wrong.

FOX 6 later reported that the U.S. Department of Agriculture informed the town that capturing wild animals for the exhibit was against the law. PETA also sent a letter demanding Jimmy’s immediate release. Town officials released him back into the wild.

Starting in 2016, a new Jimmy predicted weather from inside a cage.  

Potomac Phil – Washington

Potomac Phil is a bit less "lively" than his fellow rodents – he is stuffed. Yes, organizers help the taxidermied groundhog to the podium every year to predict not only the weather but political climate as well. The Dupont Circle Business Improvement District puts on the annual event and calls Potomac Phil, the National Groundhog.

General Beauregard Lee – Jackson, Georgia

Beau holds an honorary doctorate from the University of Georgia for "Weather Prognostication" and another from Georgia State University in "Southern Groundology," FOX News reported. 

Dunkirk Dave – Dunkirk, New York

Dave is the second-longest prognosticating groundhog, according to his website. Dave’s handler, Bob Will, wrote on the site that as a teacher and wildlife rehabilitator, he would always bring a groundhog into his classroom for Groundhog Day. The local newspaper nicknamed the woodchuck "Dunkirk Dave."

Wiarton Willie – Wiarton, Ontario

Canada's Wiarton Willie began as a fur hat in 1957, according to Mac McKenzie, a Wiarton resident. He told a Toronto Star reporter that the fur hat in the snow was actually an albino groundhog looking for its shadow.

The town’s Groundhog Day celebration grew in popularity along with Willie. 

Wiarton has erected a statue of Willie.

Woodstock Willie – Woodstock, Illinois

A town northwest of Chicago is home to another Willie. Bill Murray actually filmed the movie "Groundhog Day" in the town, according to FOX 32 Chicago

Buckeye Chuck – Marion, Ohio

Buckeye Chuck was named Ohio’s official Groundhog Day prognosticator in 1979.

Stormy Marmot – Aurora, Colorado

Stormy Marmot is one of the few famous groundhogs west of the Mississippi. Don’t be confused by the name. Groundhogs are also known as woodchucks, whistle pigs and marmots. Fitting with their name, they spend most of the time underground.