Watch: Dangerous tornadoes captured on camera tearing through Texas

Several tornadoes ripped across Texas, Oklahoma and Arkansas on Friday, leaving a path of damage in their wake.

DALLAS – Tornadoes ripped through east Texas on Friday, forcing officials to declare emergency warnings for cities across the South. 


One tornado was seen about 8 miles south of Sulphur Springs, located northeast of Dallas. The tornado in the video above can be seen snaking behind a treeline on the horizon, kicking up dust and debris as it swirled through.  

A weather watcher in Miller Grove, Texas, captured video of a tornado moving near some trees before it barrels a farm, kicking up dust and debris.

A nighttime tornado was seen in New Boston, a town near the Texas-Arkansas border. The video below shows the tornado being illuminated by lightning.

In the video below, a rain-wrapped tornado can be seen moving through Athens, which lies southeast of Dallas.

Several tornadoes were reported across the Plains on Friday, causing major damage in Oklahoma and Texas. 

The National Weather Service was forced to issue some of its most serious warnings, including a Tornado Emergency and Particularly Dangerous Situation Tornado Warning. 

Officials plan to survey the damage throughout the next several days.