Tornado that touched down in North Texas rated EF-1

Powerful winds from Monday’s storms damaged buildings northeast of the Dallas area

LEONARD, Texas – A tornado that touched down in North Texas during Monday's storms has been rated EF-1 by the National Weather Service.

Most of the severe weather reported during the storms was related to hail. The majority of the stones were between quarter- and golf-ball-sized.


Aerial video from FOX 4 in Dallas on Tuesday morning showed hail was not the only type of severe weather that unfolded across the region during the storms.

Several farmhouses and barns near the town of Leonard, about 60 miles northeast of Dallas, appeared to have had sustained wind damage. Debris was strewn across fields and thrown into trees. Several buildings appeared to be missing sheet metal or shingles from their roofs. At least one shed was leveled.

Officials at the NWS office in Fort Worth reported that there was video of a tornado in Fannin County, where Leonard is located, prompted a survey team to be sent to the area.

According to the survey report, damage consistent with an EF-1 tornado with winds between 90 and 95 mph was found. The tornado's path was about 3 miles long. It touched down about 4 miles southwest of Leonard and lifted about seven minutes later about a mile northeast of the town.