Videos show significant damage from Texas to Louisiana after tornadoes, flash flooding slam South

The dangerous and destructive severe weather outbreak is likely to continue throughout the day on Wednesday and into the evening and overnight hours as storms race off to the east.

NEW ORLEANS – A life-threatening situation continues to unfold across the South and along the Gulf Coast Wednesday as powerful thunderstorms blast through the region, which so far have produced at least one confirmed tornado in Texas, a likely tornado in Slidell, Louisiana, and a rare Flash Flood Emergency in New Orleans.

And the dangerous and destructive severe weather outbreak is likely to continue throughout the day on Wednesday and into the evening and overnight hours as storms race off to the east.


Likely tornado tears across Slidell, Louisiana

Police in Slidell shared video on Facebook showing the significant damage left behind when a likely tornado ripped through the community northeast of New Orleans late Wednesday morning.

Damage in the video was in the area of Old Spanish Trail near Pine Tree Street and included dramatic images of debris scattered across the roadway, trees snapped in half and the roof of an apartment building that had been torn away during the storm.

Utility poles were also destroyed by the storm, with power lines seen lying on the ground.

First responders were also seen in the area, surveying the damage and helping victims impacted by the storm.


"Basically, every apartment was full at the time," one first responder said in the video. "I guess at least 50 people were in there. People’s doors were shut because the railings came in. The whole roof came out. So, we had to get women and children out."

At the time the video was recorded, police said in the video that no injuries had been reported.

"This storm was no joke," a first responder said. "It’s something that we haven’t seen here in Slidell in a very long time, or maybe ever with this amount of damage."

Flash Flood Emergency in New Orleans

FOX Weather Correspondent Robert Ray was in New Orleans as torrential rain fell across the Big Easy and said gutters have been overflowing and streets were covered with rising water.

Dramatic videos he sent in showed first responders working to block off flooded roads to prevent vehicles from driving on them and getting submerged.

Other videos showed vehicles driving through floodwaters on roads that had yet to be blocked off by first responders.

New Orleans was under a rare Flash Flood Emergency from late Wednesday morning into the afternoon, and several inches of rain fell both in New Orleans proper and in surrounding communities.

Texas fire truck submerged in floodwaters after high water rescue

A dramatic video recorded by the Roganville Volunteer Fire Department in Jasper County, Texas, showed the cab of the fire truck filled with water after the first responders said they rescued a man from a submerged vehicle.

"We just did a water rescue," the firefighter said in the video. "You can barely see the taillights of the car that we picked this young man out of. Needless to say, he was a little bit shaken up."

The firefighter then pans the video and shows how high the water was at the time, which was covering the tailpipe of the truck.

"Sad to say, but we’re stuck in the ditch," the firefighter said in the video. "We’re waiting on a front-end loader to push us out so we can continue doing our water rescues."

While the firefighters are waiting for help to get pushed out of the ditch, the firefighter keeps rolling as he gets back into the truck, and the water is seen to be so high that its up to their laps. 


The Jasper County Sheriff’s Office said all major roads heading into Kirbyville were shut down on Wednesday morning due to the immense flooding that occurred when the line of powerful storms raced through.

The sheriff’s office said emergency crews have been deployed across the region to assist with rescue efforts in the Kirbyville area.

"We have major flooding throughout the county at the midline," the sheriff’s office said on Facebook.

Jasper County officials on Wednesday issued a disaster declaration because of the situation.

"The County Judge of Jasper County, Texas, has determined that extraordinary measures must be taken to protect life, as well as to protect the rehabilitate property, and are necessary and hereby ordered," the declaration read.

Building collapses during tornado in Katy, Texas

Flooding has been just one of the several threats from the storm that plowed across the region on Wednesday morning.

Photos and videos show a building collapse in the Houston suburb of Katy on Wednesday morning after a tornado tore a path of destruction through parts of the southeastern Texas community.

"If it was a tornado, it dropped down right in the middle of this parking lot of this strip center and went away," FOX 26 Houston Reporter Shelby Rose said. "I mean, there is no damage anywhere surrounding us. Not even to some small trees."

According to a preliminary report from a National Weather Service storm survey team, an EF-1 tornado did indeed touch down in the area and had winds of 90 mph. Work to survey the damage continues, and more information will be released once the survey is complete.

Severe damage was reported to the buildings on South Mason Road, including a Firestone tire store that collapsed during the storm.

While there were no people inside that building at the time, there were people inside a sports bar that also received damage.

"There were about five employees that were inside at the time because they were just closing up shop after a night of work," Rose said.

Those employees told Rose that they heard the torrential rain, and then, as the powerful winds arrived, it got extremely loud.

"They looked up at the windows, and then that’s when the entire front paneling completely blew outward, not inward," Rose said. "They say that they immediately ran to the back into a cooler, so no one was injured."

The situation could have been much worse if the storm pushed through just 30 minutes prior when the parking lot was filled with 40-50 people.

"We could have had a very tragic situation on our hands if this storm did not come exactly when it did," Rose said.

Another video recorded in Katy shows several trees near a home that were snapped during the severe weather earlier in the morning.

Hail falls in Salado, Texas

Video recorded in the Texas city of Salado shows hail falling to the ground when powerful storms moved through on Tuesday.

Lightning illuminates the sky, and you can hear the hail hitting the ground and buildings as it falls. 

Trees knocked down in Santa Fe, Texas

Santa Fe, which is in Galveston County, Texas, wasn’t immune to the powerful storms when they rolled through earlier in the day.

Video shared by FOX 26 in Houston shows trees that were felled by powerful winds during the severe thunderstorms.

The trees appear to have been snapped like twigs and were scattered across the ground.

Hail slams Madison, Mississippi

Severe weather was also reported across the South, including Mississippi, on Tuesday.

Video recorded during the thunderstorms on Tuesday night shows hail falling in the city of Madison.

The hail could be heard slamming onto the roof of structures while torrential rain poured off the roof of the building.