Drone photos show path of possible tornado in Illinois

On Thursday, a line of severe thunderstorms produced large hail, damaging wind gusts and even possible tornadoes across the Midwest.

CHATHAM, Ill. – Flattened stalks of corn trace the path of what may have been a tornado near the central Illinois town of Chatham.

On Thursday, a line of severe thunderstorms in Illinois and throughout the Midwest produced large hail, wind gusts up to 100 mph and possible tornadoes.

Drone photos captured images of a possible tornado track through a cornfield in Chatham.

In the images, a line of flattened corn stalks could be seen, signaling where the possible tornado might have tracked.

According to photographer Kyle Golden, the path takes a shape turn southeast.

A photo shot up close shows how much the corn stalks were flattened along the path.


Throughout central Illinois, powerful wind from the thunderstorms caused extensive damage, such as flipped-over semi-trucks and uprooted trees, during a phenomenon known as a derecho.