'It's hurtful. Very, very hurtful': How one woman picks up the pieces after an EF-2 tornado hit her home

Frances Martin recalls the moment when the tornado struck Crockett, Texas, on March 21.

"It's hurtful. Very, very hurtful," said Frances Martin, as she looked at what remained of her home in Crockett, Texas.

Sitting between Dallas and Houston, the small town of Crockett was devastated by a tornado Monday night.

"We can determine this is an EF-2 tornado at least – maybe a strong EF-2," said Jeff Evans with the National Weather Service storm survey team. "125-130 mph winds came through here last night."

At least 20 tornadoes were reported across parts of Texas and Oklahoma, with one fatality and at least 26 people injured.


During the night of the storm, Martin was in her living room with her sister, her sister’s three grandchildren and her grandson.  

"He was trying to make his way when he heard it toward us," Martin said. "Something hit him in the head and something hit me in the back, and a TV flew off and hit my sister in her back."

Martin said her sister’s three grandchildren went missing during the storm but were found shortly after with a few minor injuries.

"My grandson had his telephone in his pocket, and when we found each other, he called 9-1-1," Martin said.

As night gave way to morning, Martin pored through the rubble of what was once a living room, a kitchen, a bedroom – a home filled with memories – with a heavy heart.

"My dad passed away in this house," she said.

Although Martin wrestles with the emotions that come with losing her home, her capsule of memories, she keeps her focus on the present and on the safety of her family.

"That's the main thing. We made it all out."