Summer hail-out: The aftermath of severe storms in the Plains

The Storm Prediction Center received more than 150 reports of hail on Tuesday evening

Severe thunderstorms rumbled through the Plains Tuesday evening, dropping hail the size of baseballs across several states. 

In Nebraska, hail looked more like snow covering roadways and even created fog due to the temperature difference between the air and the ice.

Reports of hail bigger than golf balls damaged homes, leading to broken windows and damaged siding.

The Storm Prediction Center received more than 150 reports of hail from across more than half a dozen states.


Despite the weather, there were no initial reports of significant injuries.

In areas where hail wasn't a sight, it was the rainfall that caused problems.

Storms produced torrential downpours in Arkansas and Oklahoma.

Drivers maneuvered through floodwaters in Oklahoma City, where several inches of rain fell during a short period of time.

And hail and heavy rain weren't the only things that storms produced Tuesday. A landspout was seen in far northeastern Colorado. 

The threat of severe weather shifts east Wednesday. Isolated strong to severe thunderstorms are possible across parts of the southern High Plains, as well as from the Ozarks into the mid-South and the southern Mid-Atlantic.

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