Critical fire danger spans across several states Tuesday

A combination of strong winds and low relative humidity will create the potential for rapid and dangerous fire growth

A critical fire risk exists through the early part of the week through areas of northeastern New Mexico into parts of the Oklahoma and Texas panhandles and the Southern Plains.

A combination of strong winds and low relative humidity would allow for fires to grow and spread rapidly if any were to ignite through Tuesday.


Because of the conditions, Fire Weather Warnings have been issued across much of West Texas through Tuesday, as well as Central Texas, including San Antonio.

The National Weather Service said part of the reason there's such a high risk of fires is that a period of wetter-than-average conditions last year allowed grasses to grow, then drought conditions developed and dried out the fuels.

The warnings also extend into eastern New Mexico and southeastern Colorado. 

Fire Weather Watches have been issued for western Oklahoma and central and southern Kansas.


Areas seeing a critical risk of fires will expand on Tuesday, encompassing North and West Texas, eastern New Mexico, western Oklahoma and southern Kansas.

People living in areas where conditions are critical for fires are asked to refrain from doing any activities that could cause a spark and allow for a fire to spread rapidly.