Winter storm turns deadly in Arkansas, Mississippi as Nashville picks up entire season's worth of snow

Snow and ice crippled states from Texas to Mississippi to North Carolina. The warm side of the storm spawned a tornado and flooding in Florida.

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – The combination of cold air from an arctic front and developing moisture from the country’s southern jet stream resulted in a significant winter weather event from Texas through the Appalachian Mountains over the last few days.

Nashville received 7.6 inches of snow between Sunday and Monday, with 6.3 inches falling on Monday alone, which broke the daily snowfall record for Jan. 15. This amount of snow is more than a whole winter's worth of snowfall in Nashville, which averages only 4.7 inches each winter, the National Weather Service said.

Lingering snow and ice could still create slick roads and cause travel issues in parts of the Southeast on Tuesday before the system moves out of the region later in the day.

On Tuesday moreing, ice caused officials to close all lanes on Interstate 10 near Kenner, Louisiana, as well as closing Louisiana Highway 23 near Timberlane.

Winter weather alerts in effect on Tuesday, Jan. 16, 2024.
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At least two deaths have been reported from this winter storm – one in Arkansas on Sunday afternoon and another in Mississippi on Sunday night. Both deaths were the result of weather-related crashes, authorities said.

On Sunday afternoon, a mix of snow and freezing rain started to fall in various parts of the South, including Little Rock, Arkansas. On Monday, the snow spread from Dallas to Nashville to North Carolina. Unfortunately, freezing rain also added to the problem, and Hall Summit in Louisiana reported a quarter-inch of ice accretion.

Some of the top snow totals:

  • Blanden, Tennessee: 9.5 inches
  • St. Joe, Arkansas: 8 inches
  • Horn Lake, Mississippi: 6 inches
  • Jackson, Kentucky: 5 inches


The possibility of record-low temperatures on Tuesday will ensure that frozen precipitation will remain on the ground into midweek.

Tornado spotted in Florida

The storm's warmer side spawned severe weather, including a tornado that was spotted crossing Interstate 95 between Port St. Lucie and Palm City in Florida on Monday.

Torrential rain, accompanied by thunder and lightning, also caused severe flooding in Southwest Florida, leading to disrupted traffic and inconvenience for residents of Cape Coral.