Heavy rain lingers along Eastern Seaboard through Friday

Flood Watches have been issued from northern Vermont into much of New Hampshire and Maine through Saturday morning.

A strong cold front lingering over portions of the Eastern Seaboard could produce flooding rain Friday in parts of New England and South Florida.

This front is the same system that spawned heavy rain and a few thunderstorms across the Northeast on Thursday and tornadoes in the Midwest on Wednesday.

An additional 1 to 3 inches of rain is expected across northern and eastern New England, with similar amounts expected over South Florida, which is still trying to dry out from Hurricane Ian.


Northeast flood threat

Flood Watches have been issued by the National Weather Service from northern Vermont into much of New Hampshire and Maine through Saturday morning.

When combining Thursday's rainfall with the additional rain expected Friday, localized rainfall totals could be as high as 6 inches in areas of higher terrain such as New Hampshire's White Mountains and the Western Maine Mountains.

Flood Watches are in effect in parts of northern New England.
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"In Maine, it's going to rain for pretty much the entire day," FOX Weather meteorologist Britta Merwin said. "We started off with rain (Thursday), it's been pretty heavy overnight, and then we have a whole day of rain to get through for the state, so most likely as we work our way through the day, if we're going to see some Flash Flood Warnings, they're most likely going to pop up in the state of Maine."

Falling leaves could also clog storm drains, which would only enhance the flooding potential across northern New England as fall foliage nears its peak in some areas.

Even where it doesn't flood, Friday could be a washout of a day for many in northern and eastern New England, though southern and western New England should dry out by the afternoon.

Rainfall forecast in New England.
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Cities such as Boston and Portland, Maine, are expected to see on-and-off scattered showers on Friday as the heaviest rainfall occurs in interior regions of New England.

The rain is expected to clear the region Friday night, leading to a sunny and dry weekend for much of New England.


South Florida flood threat

The cold front that caused significant rainfall in South Florida on Thursday could do so again on Friday. 

The FOX Forecast Center expects another inch or two will fall over southern parts of the Florida Peninsula, though conditions should start to improve farther north.

"The majority of Friday is going to be drier, especially throughout Sarasota and Tampa," Merwin said. "Unfortunately, we could still see those thunderstorms in the very hardest-hit areas, like Fort Myers and Naples, because the cold front is kind of slowing down as it moves down to the south."

Rainfall forecast in Florida.
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Saturday looks better in South Florida with lower humidity and temperatures generally in the 80s as the cold front begins to exit the state.

"Sunday, as of right now, does look to be dry behind that cold front," Merwin said.