2 killed in Texas flash floods that also sent 3 police officers to hospital

The Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex faces a risk of flash flooding through the weekend. More rain is forecast to move over areas that have already picked up nearly 10 inches of rain.

DALLAS – Deaths and injuries were reported in Texas on Saturday as flash flooding remains a serious threat through the weekend in an area that has already been soaked by downpours this week.

Kaufman County Emergency Manager Steve Howie said heavy rain Friday night led to flooding that hit the Warsaw area, which is southeast of Dallas, particularly hard. He said water crept into homes there, which prompted evacuations.

"It started fairly just normal, and we noticed a tree fell down earlier and some slight flooding and didn't think too much of it," said Noah Gonyea, who spoke to FOX 4 in Dallas after his home was flooded. "We came out this morning, woke up to walk our dogs, and it was everywhere, up to our door. Couldn't really get out."

According to a storm report from the National Weather Service, two people were killed Saturday morning when their vehicle was swept off FM Road 1390 about 3 miles southwest of Warsaw.

Lt. Tanner Jones, of the Kaufman Fire Department, said the department has been assisting the county with flood rescues through Saturday morning. He said he can't remember the weather being this bad in the seven years he has lived there.

"Hectic and non-stop," Jones said during an interview with FOX 4 in Dallas. "It's been wild. We've probably done about 30 today."

Howie said most of the water had receded by early Saturday afternoon, but officials are working to stage rescue crews around the county as more rain is forecast Saturday night.

In Forney, to the east of Dallas, three police officers were hospitalized after a high-water rescue on Friday night. According to FOX 4, the officers became submerged while trying to rescue a woman whose car was stuck in the water. The officers have since been released from the hospital.

State Highway 22 in Meridian and FM Road 1991 in Clifton, both about 80 miles southwest of Fort Worth, were closed Saturday because of flooding from the North Bosque River, according to a storm report from the NWS.

There were also a number of high-water rescues in the Dallas area Thursday.

Flash flooding likely in Dallas area

Radar estimates show as much as 10 inches of rain has already fallen across parts of northern Texas, and more rain is on the way.

National radar animation showing rains in Texas and the southern Plains.
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The Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex as well as areas just southwest of the metro are in a flood risk Sunday that is a Level 2 out of 4.

Flash flood threat for Oct. 29, 2023.
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Threat area expands Sunday

On Sunday, the rain will expand into the Ohio Valley, the FOX Forecast Center said. Parts of Arkansas, southeastern Missouri, southern Illinois and western Kentucky will receive up to 5 inches of rain through Tuesday morning.

The Northeast will also experience rain again later this weekend. This will mark the 8th straight weekend of rain on at least Saturday or Sunday for the Northeast. 

The rainfall forecast through Oct. 31, 2023.
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