Homes damaged, cars crushed after apparent tornadoes in TX, LA

At least 1 injury has been reported so far

Texas and Louisiana have had several reports of tornadoes and severe thunderstorms across the area, and images of the damage left behind are beginning to come into FOX Weather.

One storm chaser posted a video on social media showing what appears to be a large, violent tornado near the area of Bridge City, Texas. That video was recorded a short time after severe weather moved through Harris County, including the Houston area.

Harris County Sheriff Ed Gonzalez said police received reports of a possible tornado early Wednesday morning in the area of Airway Drive near Airline Drive and W. Gulf Bank Road. He said luckily no injuries were reported.

Video of what appears to be a funnel cloud was shot by Jimi Harvuni near Houston on Wednesday morning. There were several reports of severe thunderstorms and tornadoes in Texas and Louisiana on Wednesday.

More video from the Houston area shows a large tree that fell and narrowly missed crushing a car. Trees were brought down in several areas when severe weather moved through the area.

KTBC in Austin shared a video of large trees that came down when storms moved through the area.

FOX Weather Multimedia Journalist Robert Ray went to Mauriceville, Texas to check out damage left behind when the storms moved through. He saw major damage from an apparent tornado. Several tornado warnings were issued Wednesday in Texas and Louisiana.

Video from Lake Charles, Louisiana shows several homes damaged from a possible tornado.

An incredible video from Orange, Texas shows a tornado rip across Interstate 10. An ATV can be seen being launched into the air as the tornado moves through.

Debris is seen in all directions after a possible tornado tore through Lake Charles, Louisiana.