How to prevent your generator or furnace from becoming detriments during the storm

As residents along the East Coast brace for the impact of this weekend's nor'easter, preparing your generator and outdoor furnace can be just as crucial to keeping you safe.

If you have a generator, make sure it is in a well-ventilated spot.

"Make sure it's outside the garage and outside away from the house, because of the fumes, and you can get the carbon monoxide in your homes," Alan Dunham, National Weather Service forecaster, said. "You know that can take effect very quickly."

And as the snow starts to pile up, making sure your furnace outside is clear is also important.

"You want to take periodic looks on the outside of your house where your outside furnace vents to the outside. You want to make sure that stays clear because if that gets snow-covered, then carbon monoxide can't make it out of the house," Dunham warns. 

7 things you can do to prepare, respond to this weekend's nor'easter

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