The Daily Weather Update from FOX Weather: Landslides, flooding rain possible in California again on Tuesday

Start your day with the latest weather news – California will see another day of flooding rain thanks to an atmospheric river event that just won't end. Plus, a massive satellite will soon crash into Earth's atmosphere.

Welcome to the Daily Weather Update from FOX Weather. It’s Tuesday, Feb. 20, 2024. Start your day with everything you need to know about today's weather. You can also get a quick briefing of national, regional and local weather whenever you like with the FOX Weather Update podcast.

California continues to be slammed by flooding rain

Southern California is once again being targeted by flooding rain on Tuesday. Rounds of rain have continued to target the Golden State, with threats of flash flooding, damaging wind gusts and landslides

Crews worked to clear landslides blocking Los Angeles-area roads on Monday and performed water rescues in the Sacramento area. Officials warned that more of the same will be possible on Tuesday. 

This graphic shows the flash flood threat in California through Wednesday, Feb. 21, 2024.
(FOX Weather)


Incoming: Massive satellite headed for Earth

A school bus-sized satellite is expected to crash into Earth's atmosphere on Wednesday. 

For nearly 13 years, the defunct European Space Agency (ESA) satellite has naturally descended from its orbit about 350 miles above Earth until our planet's gravity pulls the spacecraft down and burns up in the atmosphere

ESA said that at about 50 miles above Earth, the large satellite will break up into small pieces. Any risks from the satellite reentry are very low, according to the space agency. 

Rare chance to kayak in Death Valley National Park

Death Valley National Park visitors can now paddle out on a temporary lake thanks to recent rain from the atmospheric rivers repeatedly slamming into California.

The National Park Service said park visitors have a rare opportunity to enjoy some water activities in the driest place in the U.S. after enough rainwater created what rangers are calling Lake Manly in the Badwater Basin.

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