Christmas weather: Forecasts for 10 towns across America with festive names

109 million Americans expected to travel this Christmas

Christmas is a few days away, and millions of Americans are preparing to head over the river and through the woods to get to grandma’s house in time for the holiday.

But if you're hoping for a white Christmas this year for snowball fights or building a snowman, you may be disappointed. 

FOX Weather is tracking warmer than average temperatures across the country this week. Many areas, especially in the Southeast and Central Plains, will see temperatures at least 20 degrees above average.

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To help get you in the holiday spirit, here's a look at the Christmas Day forecast for 10 towns with festive names across the country.

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North Pole, Alaska

Snow showers

High: -3 degrees

Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

Rain showers

High: 47 degrees

Rudolph, South Dakota

Snow showers

High: 16 degrees

Donner Lake, California


High: 22 degrees

Christmas Valley, Oregon

Partly cloudy

High: 32 degrees

Mistletoe, Kentucky

Partly cloudy

High: 66 degrees

Santa Claus, Georgia

Mostly sunny

High: 74 degrees

Christmas, Florida


High: 77 degrees

Jolly, Texas

Partly cloudy

High: 84 degrees

Garland, Kansas

Partly cloudy

High: 70 degrees

FOX Weather will continue to monitor the forecast and will provide updates as the week continues.