Taylor Swift has era of bad weather for concerts this tour season

Whether its karma or something that can only be seen in your wildest dreams, no one should have to experience 139-degree heat extremes. Taylor Swift faced midnight rains to severe weather during the Eras tour in 2023.

Taylor Swift fans know all too well that bad weather has plagued parts of the artist's Eras Tour this year, but it isn't karma, more a sign of a record-hot year and extreme weather driven by the El Niño climate pattern. 

Most recently, the ‘Cruel Summer’ singer postponed one of her concerts in Brazil after a fan died before the opening show in Rio de Janeiro.

"I can't believe I'm writing these words, but it is with a shattered heart that I say we lost a fan earlier tonight before my show," Swift wrote on Instagram following her concert. "I can't even tell you how devastated I am by this. There's very little information I have other than the fact that she was so incredibly beautiful and far too young." 

The heat index, which combines the effects of heat and humidity, reached staggering levels near 140 degrees in Rio de Janeiro on Friday and Saturday, according to Reuters, and the National Institute of Meteorology reported similar conditions had occurred for much of the week.

Earlier in November, Swift rescheduled her concert in Buenos Aires because of severe storms moving through Argentina's capital. 


Not all weather and natural events caused bad blood for Swift fans.

The pop star and her fans were able to shake it off so much in Seattle at Lumen Field, the vibrations registered on a nearby seismometer.

Western Washington University professor of geology Jackie Caplan-Auerbach said the concerts on July 22 and 23 caused a "Beast Quake," a reference to the seismic event that occurred at Lumen Field in 2011 when the Seattle Seahawk's Marshawn Lynch scored a touchdown during a playoff game. 


Over the summer, fans lived out their wildest dreams dancing in pouring rain during several stops on the Eras Tour, including in Foxborough, Massachusetts, and Nashville, Tennessee

"Last night we all danced together in the rain for THE ENTIRE 3.5 HOUR SHOW in foxy Foxborough, MA!!" Swift wrote in on X. "We've had rain shows at Gillette Stadium before, but this was a full-on deluge that never let up. I just want to thank that iconic crowd!! Love you so much you have no idea."

The enchanted rain dancing started on the third night of her stop in Nashville, where Swift said she and her tour members enjoyed "jumping in puddles all night."

Swifties knew the troubling forecast but told FOX Weather they were undeterred.

She opened her July 1 Cincinnati show an hour early because of "another weather situation." 

The National Weather Service in Wilmington issued hazardous weather outlooks for the weekend between Swift's two shows.

Swift has been performing her 44-song setlist through all the weather curveballs this year, including record heat in the Southwest and South.

By late summer, Swift thought she had seen it all from Mother Nature. She declared the summer forecast "cruel" in a video montage with all her Eras Tour stops in the rain.