Dramatic videos, photos show the force of powerful bomb cyclone, 'Pineapple Express' slamming California

A powerful double whammy of an atmospheric river and bomb cyclone continues to drench California on Thursday, dropping several inches of rain on a region that has struggled to wring out from an onslaught of winter storms and creating a widespread risk of flooding, mudslides and power outages. Some forecasters are suggesting it will become one of the most impactful storms to strike the state in years.

At least two people have been killed during a powerful bomb cyclone that has been bringing heavy rain and high winds to California, and dramatic videos and photos are showing the scope of the damage.

Some forecasters suggest that this storm could be one of the most impactful to strike the Golden State in years.


State officials have warned residents to prepare for the storm since the beginning of the week, and Gov. Gavin Newsom declared a state of emergency on Wednesday. Newsom said the state's storm response offices are also at their highest emergency level

Listen to the video above. 

Windows at the Salesforce Tower in San Francisco can be seen and heard rattling as powerful winds from the bomb cyclone battered the region on Wednesday night.

The Santa Rosa Fire Department said in a Facebook post that emergency crews have been busy since Wednesday night responding to numerous storm-related incidents across the city. Most of the emergency responses were because of downed trees and power lines and broken water lines.

Officials have warned residents to avoid unnecessary travel if possible. 

Far from the coast in Placer County, a portion of S Brewer Road between Nicolai's and Moore Roads was impassable due to floodwater.  

The storm has also caused significant damage in Santa Cruz County.

Photos posted to Twitter show heavy damage to a pier in Capitola and Seacliff.

Capitola streets and buildings were surrounded by floodwater. 

A beach in Capitola was completed flooded, as seen in the video below.

East of Capitola in the town of Aptos, the sea breached another beach perimeter. Waves could be seen crashing into the palm tree-lined streets.

Officials are asking people to avoid the coast due to dangerous surf.

The San Francisco Public Works Department also shared a video of crews with the Bureau of Urban Forestry clearing downed black acacia trees that were knocked down during the powerful storm.

The tree was blocking the westbound upper Market roadway.

Video recorded in Oakland, California, showed flooded streets after the storm dropped several inches of rain across the region.

Parts of the Bay Area have picked more than 4 inches of rain over the past three days.

Just north of San Francisco in Monte Rio, floodwater poured into the Russian River, causing the river to rush and spill over its banks.

In the town of Ventura in southern California, rising floodwater from the Venture River trapped an individual, who was then rescued by the Ventura County Fire Department.

Strong winds and heavy rain caused major damage to a San Francisco gas station.

Winds gusts over 35 mph have been blasting the San Francisco Bay Area as the bomb cyclone continues to impact the region Thursday. Farther inland in elevated areas, a gust as strong as 132 mph was reported at Alpine Meadows in the Sierra Nevada.

Another video recorded in Fremont, California, showed the aftermath of a mudslide caused by the heavy rain associated with the bomb cyclone impacting the Golden State.

The mudslide was reported at the intersection of Canyon Heights Drive and Pickering Avenue.

Winds were so strong in Ben Lomond, California, that power was knocked out.

A video shared with FOX Weather showed high winds whipping through the trees before the lights went out. Nearly 200,000 power outages were reported in California on Thursday because of the storm.

The Sonoma County Fire District shared a video on its Twitter page showing the U.S. and California flags whipping when strong winds battered the region on Wednesday.

High winds were also whipping across Redwood City, California, and video recorded there showed trees swaying.

Trees across the state have been brought down due to those powerful winds and heavy rain, and many have knocked out power, covered roadways and even landed on homes.

More video recorded in the San Jose area shows the heavy rain falling in San Jose on Wednesday night.

Heavy rain has led to numerous reports of flooding and caused mudslides because of the powerful storm.

The Kings Mountain Fire Department was also busy all night working to clear fallen trees and other debris from roadways during the bomb cyclone.

Fire officials in a tweet said many roads were blocked by large trees and downed power lines. 

Fire crews are also getting their first look at the damage caused by the storm in San Mateo County.

Clean-up efforts continued throughout the day in San Mateo County.

Photos and images from the area show numerous trees that were brought down across roads. Some trees also fell on top of structures.

The community of Whispering Pines in Lake County also saw trees that fell across the road.

As destructive as the latest storm has been, California braces itself for more rounds of storms this week.

In Napa County, California, officials are seen closing the Napa River Bypass Flood Gates on Wednesday afternoon in advance of the powerful bomb cyclone that has been battering California.

On Thursday, the California National Guard's 649th Engineer Company installed flood dams and sandbags at the Rio Consumnes Correctional Center.