Watch: Two bears bumble through the porch of a Florida home

The bears ended up dragging out all the trash from one garbage can, causing a noisy ruckus that agitated a nearby dog.

ORLANDO, Fla. – Two black bears were caught on a security camera bumbling through a front porch in Florida last Sunday.

The video starts off with one of the bears moving toward the porch by walking between two parked sedans in the driveway. Its fellow furry compatriot is already on the porch, heard knocking over a small object and making a clunking sound.

The sound then triggers barks from inside the house.

Homeowner Bettina Brown of Apopka, Florida, noted how excited she was about capturing the curious – and apparently hungry – duo on her front porch.

"They unfortunately dragged out all the trash from one can, but that was okay with me for the experience," she said.

Florida is home to around 4,000 black bears. In some communities of the Sunshine State, bear sightings happen regularly.


Florida wildlife officials provide recommendations on how to be "bear-wise." Some of those recommendations include securing your trash and protecting your pets.

One Apopka couple had to think fast when a black bear charged at them while they were out with their dog. Their front porch camera caught the couple and their small dog running from the driveway and into their home, as a black bear chased after them.

Bear encounters that happen in the fall are part of what biologists call the "fall shuffle." As temperatures begin to plummet, bears become more active and move more closely toward humans to find food.