While much of South deals with wintry weather, Florida faces severe storm threat

Severe weather is possible across both the Panhandle and Peninsula this weekend.

As snow and ice fall on parts of the South this weekend, Florida will likely be dealing with some severe thunderstorms.

The powerful winter storm that is expected to drop nearly a foot of snow on parts of Tennessee, Georgia and the Carolinas, will also bring a sharp contrast in air masses to the Sunshine State. That will set the stage for the possibility of storms that could produce high winds. Isolated tornadoes are also possible.

The Storm Prediction Center has outlined an area from the Florida Panhandle east to the Big Bend region and south to the northwestern coast of the Florida Peninsula for the possibility of severe storms on Saturday.

There is also the possibility of heavy rainfall Saturday in the Florida Panhandle that could lead to some localized flooding.

On Sunday, the severe weather potential shifts farther south into the Peninsula. An area from Tampa to Orlando to Ft. Myers has been outlined for the possibility of severe storms.

People who live inside these areas should stay weather aware throughout the weekend. Download the FOX Weather app to get weather alerts for your location whenever they are issued.