What FOX Weather teams are seeing as winter storm clobbers US

Heavy snow, ice, bitter cold forecast from Texas to New England

FOX Weather is live with the Weather Wire covering live updates on the massive winter storm impacting more than 100 million Americans across the country. Click the FOX Weather Wire for live updates.

A winter storm is coating a large swath of the U.S. in snow and ice this week.

Winter weather alerts have been issued for a nearly 3,000-mile stretch of the country – from Texas to New England. A crippling ice storm is expected across much of the Midwest and parts of the mid-South, while snow is the main threat elsewhere.

FOX Weather has teams scattered along the path of the storm from Oklahoma to New York to cover the storm.

Here is a look at what those teams have seen while covering the storm.

Boston, Massachusetts 

Burlington, Vermont

Buffalo, New York

Memphis, Tennessee

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Columbus, Ohio

Champaign, Illinois